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Starting on a recent mountain bike ride, too loose of a grip existed between my bike’s water bottle cage and the water bottle. Trouble arose about two miles into the bike trail going down a steep hill with the water bottle nearly full. To manage the descent on rough terrain, I had pumped my bike’s hand brakes. As a result, my water bottle slid out of its cage and onto the ground, where the rear bike tire ran over my water bottle, expelling all its contents.

What to do upon failure of an expected ingredient for your project?


Preparation may determine your choices, including your development of personal skills and access to resources. A previous post had talked about doubling up critical resources ahead of time. Here, upon quick reflection, hydration had become less critical to me during modest lengths of time. Typical exercises (e.g., swimming and cross-country skiing) and chores (e.g., deck staining and tree pruning and removal) had conditioned my body to exertion in the absence of continuous access to drinking water over moderate stretches of time.

So, notwithstanding my water bottle losing its water, I went ahead and enjoyed an extended ride over a wide variety of trail conditions through nature.

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Now, shifting the discussion from primarily physical activities to effective thinking skills, we can look for analogies as a lesson centered on skills enhancement.

The lesson encourages strategically engaging in meaningful matters of variety or depth. The gain is accumulating availability of useful insights and performance skills.

So, when a surprise presents itself, we have comfort and confidence in adapting smoothly. We can maintain balance during a shift in tactics, while still heading toward our needed outcomes.

For example, I am finding usefulness in drawing from previous and varied intense reviews and advocating, to negotiating with patent examiners over the claim language for patentable inventions. This communication occurs by phone and document submissions.

The US has experienced tidal change to force a crucible in the examination of patent applications for software-related inventions.

  • This software aspect has recently stood out for heightened scrutiny in communicating with patent examiners in my patent law practice encompassing electrical, software, and mechanical inventions.
  • Patent attorneys may help their clients’ interests in conversing with examiners by demonstrating an openness to focusing beyond objective frameworks of patent application review.
  • Attention to the discretion, subjective concerns, and personal preferences of the immediate patent examiners may help forge a connection between the invention and these individuals tasked with performance of the patent examination.

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