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New Client Inquiries

I often receive requests for budgets on intellectual property (IP) matters. An introduction follows on budgets and work flow that may be helpful in reviewing prospective IP projects.

***NOTICE of October 10, 2012: this post has been replaced with the page New Client Inquiries.***

Client Context

I appreciate your interest in my possible service for you and your colleagues, with inquiry about fees and costs. I am open and sensible about budgets. As you may imagine, I often receive such inquiries. To share introductory material and make best use of time for the client prospect and myself, I have developed a set of descriptive text that I like to provide to the client prospect before conducting a follow-up phone call or meeting. I thought the material would also be useful to you. In connection with your interests, you may wish to review my background and blog, for example, the posts:

Entrepreneur Idol Class on IP and Your Ideas
Patent Eligibility and Reform
Licensing – Beyond Bootstrapping
University Students Patent Questions
Fresh Minds Questions on Inventions
Business Wins Can Boost Patent Prospects
Are You Hiring an Attorney or Pitching an Investor?
Trademarking Q&A

Budget Context

Your request is similar to ones I frequently receive. Yes, I am experienced working with clients in the situation you have outlined. Please note: I’ll share estimates and explanation of budgets on an individual basis, rather than in a blog post.

My answering of questions can understandably lead to more questions. So, I have been developing a bulk of text including a blog post to share info for helping clients and prospects gain preliminary knowledge and then get back to me. By asking you to kindly review my prepared text, we can try to make best use of time.  As you read the info that relates to your interests, you likely will think of further questions to discuss with me.

As you may decide to work with me, a budget that fits with your business interests would be a good next step for you to consider.

Project Context

While you read my blog posts, you can consider how your innovations may fit within various types of intellectual property protection: Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Licensing, and Patents. My blog post introduces the categories of Intellectual Property under “What are the steps to secure my new idea?” That post has a software angle, though links are included that speak to a variety of technologies, so you can relate the discussion to a number of aspects of your interests. On Patents, I want to highlight the discussion under the headings “Patent Searching” and “Dates.”

After you have a chance to review my explanation presented in the post, I look forward to hearing from you again so we can talk about your follow-up questions and interests.

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